Comments Posted by Mary Jayne

its ok lynne, we still love you, and besides you can love weed, but weed will never love you back, once again trust me,

P.S. can i be in the opacity family that youse guys seem to have here?
alls i gotta say is Motts has more brains than kevin could ever hope to have, not to mention social skills!

my advice to you kevin: quit being such a jerkoff!

sorry, im not usually mean but if you're rude to someone that i admire, you'll get your head bitten off
Kemper - maybe its left over chinese food from the night before lol jpjp
it looks a bit like a sock ontop of a shop vac, if you ask me,
Lynne - its a normal cigg actually, the ash just hasnt been tapped off, trust me, i know these things >_< hehe im a second generation hippie,