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Motts, you mentioned that the last time you came you didn't find this,right?

Hmm this mark like Gary mentioned looks very uhmm...natural,too natural in fact.For some reason,i'm getting a feeling something or someone drew your eyes toward it and tried signaling you by showing it,because well you didn't actually expect seeing this and it is said that sometimes spirits address people by showing them out of the ordinary things.
Yea never know.
Must of been a children's room,yea know play room.So just to show that and calm the children they put the clown there.It's quite scary actually ahaha.
I actually live in Brentwood and if you go by where the new plaza is,there they are just standing cold and subdued in time right next to a lively plaza.

It is saddening and every time my family drives in back of the city bank park around past the soccer/flag football fields,we past by it.And every time we pass by i swear i feel like time is going so slow and chills go up my spine.

The sad thing is my grandmother(who is not dead at all,thank god) used to work there,i asked her about it and she said just one sentence "it was frightening,and that practically summed up what the patients felt and what PSH was.yet i'm pretty astonished that right next to pilgrim state, lies another hospital for the crazed,which i believe is pretty much a recreation of PSH.

This such a pretty building though every time i walk by it,i feel how some many patients felt...depressed and subdued
WHY!! Is not my day today!!!! Heres the link:
Heres a link for those hwo are new here, and dont know why we are joking about soapdispenser all the time:-))
Your photos leave me breathless.