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This is such an amazing perspective!
I love every single aspect of this photo--
great work [as always :-D]
oh wow...i love almost looks like it's moving towards you...
Ive Been In This Room With My Father very Moving Picture.That Room is so Depressing.
That doorway rocks
yesturday I saw a TV show about it and it was ugly and haunted
When I was a little kid (ten years ago-ish), whenever my mother and I would drive into Boston, we'd pass the Danvers State Hospital, and she'd tell me to turn around, because that was the only way that you could get a good look at it, perched up on the hill, creepy as hell. If I was being obnoxious, which was most of the time, my mother would threaten to drop me off at "The Danvers Nuthouse," as she ignorantly referred to it as. Needless to say, I behaved very well after her "threats." Just the sight of it sitting on the hill was enough.

If I had been able to see what it looked like on the INSIDE when I was ten.........

Holy CRAP.
This is totally amazing. Thanks, and awesome job : )