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holy pile a poo. this was also in the book project 17. there were 17 angels going up to meet the devil..... fmeeeehhh
this is just like a scene in the book Project 17. such a good book. creepy. takes place in Danvers Hospital. They go in the art room, and there is a wall just like this... *shudders
I grew up in Bowie, and used to go there when I was a brownie and girl scout to sing xmas carols, on that stage. At that time it was a facility used to house D.C. wards of the court who had incapacitating illnesses/diseases. As a teenager, I volunteered there with a couple of friends. It was not a good place to be. Those people, both adults and children, were not treated well. It was heartbreaking and inhumane. Two friends and I ended up going to the local paper and telling them about some of the horrid practices we witnessed. The hospital was closed not long after.
Michael Ramseur is the author.
If you would like to read more history "The Spirit of Antoinette" by Mansur is a great read
wonder if anyone tried jumping from there?..mmmmm
no some other shauna o
john lucciano was roommates with scott godfry.pedro was roommates with shane,and the rooms were up front not in the back by the office thats was the girls rooms in 84-88 when i left
boiler i was there in 88 i left in name is shane i was john's roomate.
shauna were you on ward A?i was there 83-88.i think i might know you.i was on ward A
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