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I can't get over how beautiful these places are! I wish I had the ability to go out and explore abandoned buildings myself.
This photo gives me chills. I really love the beautiful coloration of the greens and blacks. Again, outstanding job Motts.
It's quite eerie that som many patients died and where buried on those grounds. Would make for a good story setting.
Motts, that picture is beautiful. It's a shame that the wheelchair is only going to sit there and rot when it could be in a historical center. But anywho, it's lovley!
Dear God, the shot is absolutly incredible! This is so lovley Motts, you and your friends do good work.
Would not want to take a shower in there XP
wow! This is an awsome shot!
I just want you guys to know this site is absolutly amazing. I am currently writing a book that takes place at a mental hospital and your photos really help me get into the wolrd of hospitals and such. Thanks a bunch =D
I love the color of the light in this, it gives it an eerie, other worldly look.
Just wondering, do you guys actually have a career from doing this or is it a hobby?