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just found out that there is a marker at the cemetery with a list of names on it....if anybody has that list or can get me that list, or direct me to a website that has that list, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me at JYMEE19@AOL.COM please.....just put in the subject....GRAVEYARD
it reminds me of the Orphan...a very scary movie...She bust ber own arm! i am pechish again....but i have lost my apitite...from a shortly shown photograph of room were it looks like the carpet is a live...i would never step foot on it!!!
have a fantastic day everyone i am going to school around the corner but on my way i will stop for some tea at the cornner shop! mum gave me 1 pond maybe thats enough,,,usally she does the i have no clue!!!
I'm rather confused!
is it a pool but frozen?
i ice skate alot in england but i have busted my bum and mum just sits and laughs then she bust her would be rather crazy if some one stuck there toung to it though!!!
i dare someone to do so...jk
Rather bad ideal..i have done so to a piece of ice and i pulled it off and my toung started bleeding...i cried and ran to mum to fix it!! turns out you cant put a bandaid on
That pool looks weird! i dont swim much its really cold in england at the moment! is that painting on the pool!
Mum say's i have to get off..its rather late here and i have church to go to!!! good luck with that swimming
ihdcm and ilovehorseyrides..let me know how that works out for you two! Lol :D
I really want to go there..if it is still there!
but the problem is that i am only 13 and i live in the u.k....i think it is a bit far! Mum said we can go one day when i am older if it is still there!!! would we be able to go inside for a peeck? If people(the young ladds) were peckish could they go and get something to eat or would thay have to wait for someone?
i wished i lived in the U.S.A!!!
It closed when i was born??
1996! so looked really creepy but in a good way!!!!!
i wish i could have went to it. :D
I went there last summer with a group of friends at night. We were nervous but we drove right on the grounds past all the No Trespassing signs. We stayed maybe an hour, We got pictures. It was cool, But thank god we didn't get caught. We didn't experience anything unusual but it was very scary.