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Better watch out, you beautiful old building complex! Looks like those crap beige vinyl-sided POSs in the background are gonna run you over!
I wish I could have gone there. It is so beautiful! I just...feel like...I was one of them, you know? I feel connected to that place.
When I was in highschool (2000 graduate) from Bowie friends & I went thereas a joke; turned out to be NO joking matter. It was VERY DANGEROUS at night I couldn't see, fell into hole covered by gate & leaves. Needless to say we did have weird experiences, voices and saw a silouette of person on second floor. We definitely believe it is haunted!
Since I currently work in a Psych Hospital in Seattle, the notes are not all that different than today, sorry to say.
Is that Sam for real? I read on the guestbook someone wrote they worked there also and if you go in the tunnels you will never be seen again.
They have tubs like these at a nursing home I worked at while I was going to nursing school. There were two kinds one was for muscle relaxation and the other was a walk-in-bath.
For some reason I get totally creeped out by the lonely chair shots. It makes me wonder why and who left the chair in that exact place. It is just truely truely weird.
I couldn't see it at first, but after looking at it for a little bit I can! That is really creepy.
I love how there are spots of blood on the edge of the tub. Kind of like someone carried her into the tub, you know?