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srry tp dossapoint you but we found this in our chyll spot in the back of 93 we think it was kids in our skewl who think they r kewl unless you r tellin me you found this n put it in our roo cuz it wasnt there n then one day it was-gargoyl3z
Recently got into this building-almost broke my ankle slipped on a firehouse runnin down the stairs im in an aircast right now shud b up n runnin in a week-Gargoyl3z
Interesting i think you would like to know-an almost exact replica is in the Kings Park high school senior cafeteria as i eat lunch there everyday i cant wonder but tto think if sum1 copied it or maybe enspired by the same creator it dates back to 51-gargoylez
The quads are awsome-especially when riding dirtbikes down the hallways lol-a lot of memmories in this building more to come-GarGoyl3z-blllat