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I've loved this poem since I was a teenager. The last stanza always hits me in the heart:

Then star nor sun shall waken,
Nor any change of light:
Nor sound of waters shaken,
Nor any sound or sight:
Nor wintry leaves nor vernal,
Nor days nor things diurnal;
Only the sleep eternal
In an eternal night.

- Absolutely beautiful words.
I adore your composite photographs, Motts. This one's made my night. Thank you! **Breathes in the atmosphere**
Wow - this one sent a rampaging shiver up my spine! What an incredible place...**goes off to gaze some more...**
Ohh...this is beautiful. I want a *huge* framed print of this hanging on my living room wall!
You closed yourself in the room to get this shot, Motts?! I think you're crackers, but I still bow down and worship the hem of your garment! (Chuffed to bits with the new galleries; best birthday prezzie a girl could wish for :)
There's an interesting juxtaposition between the evil-looking blades and the elegant curves of them. It's cruel yet graceful...