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My granddmother, Gladys Nell Prebble, died at Glen Dale in 1938 from TB. She left 9 under aged children in Charles County, Maryland with a father, who could not cope and signed the children over to Washington, DC. The oldest was my mother, Mary, age 16. She was very lucky and her boyfriend, Joe asked her to marry him. I am Judith and was born 2 years later. Mary was a wonderful mother and from the stories she told me, her mother, Gladys Nell was a loving mother. The oldest son, age 15 ran away and joined the service after hoboing around the country. The five younger children were placed in an orphanage in Washington, DC. The very youngest, a girl and a boy, were adopted and thought to be lost to my mother forever. After my mother married, over the years she allowed her 2 brothers and 2 sisters to come and live with her. This was a life with outside plumbing and lots of country cooking. They were never sorry. Can you believe the two adoptive members of the family found us and there are many happy events with all 9 children. The father, who left them, was an alcholic and became a hobo. He was forgiven and a part of the children's life as an older man. My grandmother, Gladys Nell, was a registered nurse educated in Ware, Mass. She was working as a nurse in Washington, DC, when she met my grandfather, who had been wounded. He was in the Coast Guard and in WW 1. I will never forget my family story. Glen Dale was a sad place and my mother told me how her mother had to leave the children and had the hope she would be healed. Also, I want to say, my grandmother caught TB, by going to work as a nurse during the depression. My grandfather could not find work. If you want to e-mail me....write to and put Glen Dale Gladys Nell on subject line. History is my main reason for writing this. Judith