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made my day Motts - thanks
This place looks like it's still in use.....It looks better then the hospital I work in. bad did this place smell ?
Shit (goat or other) happens.... Just glad to see your back and greatful for the photos.
Thanks for risking many forms of sevre upper and lower respiratory tract infections for these AWESOME photos. I can't believe vandals haven't touched this place, it's amazing. Now go wash your lungs out with some hand santatizer.
Oh auotguy, I was so impressed by your German .... Then Mama translated.....that's more for the Chive then Opacity...
The piggy bit his sad....
Wow, I must have the worst taste ever .... I love those chairs. I would totally but them in living room.
That is one small door , was it just storage under the stairs ?
Beautiful in its simplicity
You know it's the people who aren't afraid of clowns that worry me. How can you look at a grown adult with a painted on smile , giant shoes and puffy shelves while he and 12 of his buddies try to cram themselves in a VW bug.... Not think that's some scary sh*t.
Hey mama you've had kids you know these things happen..... Mine were 10 pounders.

Auto guy... Why do you have a pee soaked chair ? Did those little zombies scare you ?
Bahahahah ! "child zombies .... eat your kneepcps "....

Autoguy - you owe my work a new chair. I just laughed so hard I peed in mine.
Hey now - Zombies might be on a (not dead) diet but they can still look at the menu..
The OR is on the 6th floor with ICU. ER and morgue are on the main floor. All empty now. The basement is full of underground tunnels to other buildings like the nurses residents and a children hospital . It's a pretty cool old place but almost empty now. Only my department and 2 others.