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I grew up and still live near the Pines Hotel (and all the other abandoned hotels in the Catskills, NY). If you go on Youtube, there are a lot of videos with views inside the Pines, Concord, and other abandoned hotels of this area. I used to work at Kutchers & the Stevensville (Swan Lake Resort) as Head Lifeguard in the 90's. Kutchers is now a Hassidic camp in the summer. Lots of history still here, you just need a tour guide to find it anymore.
Thank you Motts. I will see if the guy I heard about it from originally has any websites that he knows of, then I will come back and share them with everyone.
I'm just trying to find out some information on Letchworth as I just heard about it from someone who works very closely at a facility that assists Developmentally Disabled people. I've never heard of Letchworth before the other day, but would like to know more about it. Maybe someone could share some stories from people who resided there or their families? The only information that I've learned from reading the boards here is the place is abandoned, people are sad about that, it used to be beautiful and that most people like to write with cap locks on, and don't understand grammer or punctuation. Could someone give me an informative website please? I've tried google & bing, with no luck.