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Hi! I lived in hyattsville Maryland andI went to glendale hospital about 7 years ago twice. The second time we were tracked by police and almost incarcerated. It was 2 girls and 3 boys including myself. I did infact film a small bit. Upon walking up the pathway to the front door we noticed a ton of fog. We went to the side of the buildings and there were melted candles all over the courtyard with drawings on the pavement we couldn't make out because of the overgrown weeds. When we went inside we would hear noises like people running, coughing, and crackling. We had to leave because one of the girls couldn't stand the smell. The second time we went it was just the 3 guys and the police were involved. Me and one of my friends ran as soon as we heard the police calling us over loud speaker my other friend ran in the wrong direction and the police apprehended him. Me and the friend who stuck with me wandered around in the woods for awhile until we agreed to turn ourselves in. Turns out the police were there waiting right beside the vehicle we had arrived in with our friend sitting on the curb in handcuffs. The police made us aware that the hospital is dangerous due to asbestos and deer ticks that carry lime disease. They pretended they were gonna arrest us but we were let off with a warning and a tresspassing fine. We were lucky.