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let me tell you about this place. it is crazy. i went last year after a few beers and a redskins game with 2 other friends and i can tell you how not to break into glenn dale. first we parked just inside the main community. then we walked accross the street right in front of the park police car on top of the hill. we thought we were being so sneaky and we made it all the way up to the door and my buddy was goin in and then boom! a park police veh was commin up the dr. right behind us me and another guy started bookin and my one friend froze up so i went back for him but it was too late. the police man grabbed us by the arms and drug us back to his car. tellin us how he was watchin us the whole time he just wanted us to get closer so he wouldnt have to walk as far. so he takes our info down and is like where is the other guy that was with you. so we were like damn cj get up here. cop told us we werent leavin till he got that boys info too. so i had to go find him hiding under a tree somewhere. the cop ended up not giving us tickets or arresting us cause we are all fire fighters he just added our name to this list he had and told us if we ever came back, one by one he would drop our pants and bend us over the hood of his car. we were like yes sir. he gave us a ride back to our car and told us to get the fuck out and not to drive drunk anymore. no like at all. it was such a scarry time. and yes they have night vision and all that crap cause he let me look thru it and its bad ass.