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I actually feel bad for it, too. Poor little guy.
Thank you for the picture. I hope you wouldn't mind if I used it to show what an abandoned wasteland looks like.
We have an addressograph and graphotype. Graphotype especially is in excellent condition. This one has a 191o patent date on it, and has a full cabinet of metal address cards with it. Email: for more info.
I worked at Pennhurst. There were employees who were concerned for the patients and some who were abusive to them.There was a hospital with a T.B. ward, dental clinic, school where classes were taught in weaving, basket making.and other classes.Also there was a dairy,and poultry farm, Penn Hall was a residence for one of the types of maintenance,others had homes on th property which were part of the state property too.The girls colony was up on the hill and there were three buildings,one,which was called C8 and in the basement was a cannery where items were canned. Inthe basement of C2 was the kitchen,where food was prepared for the girls and the employees that worked up there. A dental clinic was inC4 building which also housed less mentally handicapped girls. Some of the girls did beautiful tatting and crocheting which employess would pay them to do for employees..

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I agree with Vaughn. It probaly runs around 2500 Hp
Just found this site a few days ago - have been hooked ever since.

One of the elementary schools I attended as a kid had a bathroom like this - no doors, just little walls between the toilets. Only went there once a week for "GATE" but it was a normal functioning elementary school in the Hill District in Pittsburgh with kids who attended daily, too.

Never understood the bathrooms. NO ONE would use them! there was one "teacher's stall" at the end with a door everyone would stand in line to use - even the kids who went to school there every day and were used to it. So of course going to the bathroom took forever.

Ummm... yeah. No privacy in the can is just a little dehumanizing.
these like the engines used in ships. they drive a gear reducer that in turn runs a generator. Smewhere ther is a big coal or gas fired boiler
there is nothin to pay n the place is creepy but i love are nice
I have watched this building all my life . i see it every time i pass on the highway. If they turned the existing hospital into condos they could have sold them for double. i think the interest peple have in the building would have had buyers lined up. It's just such a shame to see it now.
the fact that the water was so still makes it particularly eerie. fantastic pictures-thank you