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I'm licensing photographs on behalf of a theater company who is hoping to use this photograph as part of a slide show during a performance. How might I go about submitting an official permissions request?

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Last word I saw was they are tearing this place down to make a strip mall or something. It's just a shame. I hate to see these pieces of history eliminated. Could be so many things instead of rubble.
My daughter and went up here in 2009 I think. We wanted to go in so bad! I am so fascinated with this place. Love your photos Mr. Mott.
I love your site! All the buildings are intriguing, and your photos are awesome! Have you ever felt a presence at these places? Im sure the Ghost Adventures guy, Zack Bagans would love to explore. Thank you for creating this site. I've enjoyed it a lot.
I work with some of the old residents of this institutions. They have told me some terrible stories of what happend here. And yes all of them have been sterilized.
It would be insanley creepy if the place was haunted and something other than human wrote it
I used to work with autistic children and we uses Applied Behavioral Analysis to teach them, and we used task analysis to teach these self help skills. Kind of a rustic form of the ABA used today but at least someone was actually teaching!!!!!