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Not easy job to do on patients...
A creepy way of welcoming new people.
The chair is all alone in this ivory hall waiting for someone to sit on.
Or was it a giant cupcake liner?
Love those rusty toilet stalls.
Those paint peeling wall & ceiling reminded me of the movie "Silent Hill".
...and we're out of paper towels.
Good to see you back with new gallery AND website's new look. Looks cool!
Hardcore & unpardonable lifer must be inside.......currently in skeletal state.
Ah, Motts! You're back with a new gallery for us to observe them and mediate on what things has gone thru in its heyday. Thanks.
Looking at that broom with short handle made my back cringe.
I used Image Zoom - a Firefox add-on to blow it up, ah I can see more Rorschach in details better. Very fitting for a title, Motts.
Too decent and clean for an abandoned place after 14 years. I guess that the brown stuff on the floor downstairs did the trick - warding off unwanted visitors.
I check in here almost daily for any new galleries and finally you're back - with a new gallery! Hope things went well for you by now. :)
As soon as I saw this pic after reading the comments, I see that creepy face right away! I blew this up then screenshot it - here's this link to 1902px × 1064px pic: http://imgur.com/evevA -nice for a wallpaper!