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Oh look, soap dishes ;)
Most definitely Labyrinth, now where's David Bowie?
It's reminisant of the Hotel in SH5
So would have signed it just to mess with their heads
Amazing! Would love to go there myself
Nicely done, sir.
Ephemera: Red Velvet Paradise
Wonderful news about the restoration efforts! Glad to see it getting repuropsed.
Odd to see the walls around it decaying yet the door itself looks like it would be just fine refurbished into someone's home
Take only picture, leave only footprints.
It's a Trap!
The rising sun is catching the rust just right and it looks like its burning and active again.
Almost reminds me of the scene in Tremors 2 when they find the Grabboid after it has metamorphosed into the Shriekers.
Take only pictures, leave only footprints
I was Frozen, Today?
Road trip to Silent Hill anyone?