Comments Posted by Grumpy Ole Artist

Awsome set man! Verrry Creepy! Great to have you back...Stop back soon!
As always, very nice set , man! (Ya shoulda snapped a pic of "officer friendly" inside, LOL!) Always great to have you around! Stay well, and keep em coming! I very much look forward to new galleries here! It is a nice surprise when one pops up!
You SHO do get it out in the wind man...No way in HELL could I climb that !!! As always, Thanx for the vicarious thrills! Be safe, and keep 'em coming!
Over, under, over, under..under. over.... no, wait! ....Damnit! The link said onsite materials were used...SOMEBODY got one heck of a workout bending some of that big stuff (re-bar, etcetera) As always, good to see your face in the place Motts!
Triskaidekaphobia , anybody!? Here's one I hadn't heard before...Paraskevidekatriaphobia is the fear of Friday the 13th....Try pronouncing THAT mothfull! LOL! (Thanx wiki!)