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Good to see you back Motts! As always, Thanx!
Wotta coincidence! So I was born on a Friday...never knew! Thanx!
On one hand...Cool! A new gallery! On the other, this is CLOSE to me! (Man, you call....you don't write...Good thing you can take photos!) LOL!
Hot dang, a new gallery! And looks like it's going to be a GOOD one, too!
Tom, my usual pleasure at seeing a new gallery was greatly tempered by reading of your friend's untimely demise...If he had much to do with what you do, (And we "opaheads" so enjoy!) we here ALL owe him a great debt of gratitude...RIP Nick...the greatest exploration awaits us all...
Delicious, nutritious, and, they're fortified!
New gallery! Wooo Hooo! Keep em coming!
Thanx for the new eye candy!
Pipes are cast iron...VERRRY heavy! Doubtless came down under their own weight. Asbestos wrapping would concern me...( along with the remaining suspended weight, don't stand under them!)
Freespirit, I am gonna guess...ummmm...Geography? LOL!
Pretty darn nice work! Could have been the art class, but my guess would be that these are a WPA type deal...Unc Sam kept a lot of creative types working through the depression!
Not sure if it is large enough, but on a house, that type of platform would be called a "widow's walk"...and even had the hardware been shiny & new, you would NEVER catch ME up there, LOL!
Firebrick lining for whatever the oven/furnace thingie is? ahhh, I got nuthin! LOL!
Very cool gallery, such decrepitude...shot just in the nick of time, Great save for posterity! Thanx again Motts!
I am going to guess that it is a small "klaxon" type horn/siren...