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One can almost picture kids stomping up & down these to & from classes/sprinting down on the last day of school...
Kudzu does NOTHING slowly, LOL! One can almost WATCH that stuff grow! It will envelope telephone poles, large trees, entire hillsides! A realtor told me when we were house-hunting in the Chattanooga area that it was originally imported as a food source by Chinese immigrants.
Thanx for another great gallery, motts!
My first electric looked JUST like that ! (sans smashing, of course!) It was a "prestige" brand, SUPER cheap...
Kinda looks like an old gaslight fixture that was converted to electricity
WooHoo!!!! New Gallery! Glad you got what you were able to before it burnt!
"For proper operation, must be cleaned weekly" LOL! They are a LITTLE overdue! GREAT to see a new set, Motts! Welcome back!
Trivia question: Who was on the TV at Graceland when Elvis shot it?
A: Robert Goulet
Good to see you back Motts! As always, Thanx!
Wotta coincidence! So I was born on a Friday...never knew! Thanx!
On one hand...Cool! A new gallery! On the other, this is CLOSE to me! (Man, you call....you don't write...Good thing you can take photos!) LOL!
Hot dang, a new gallery! And looks like it's going to be a GOOD one, too!
Tom, my usual pleasure at seeing a new gallery was greatly tempered by reading of your friend's untimely demise...If he had much to do with what you do, (And we "opaheads" so enjoy!) we here ALL owe him a great debt of gratitude...RIP Nick...the greatest exploration awaits us all...
Delicious, nutritious, and, they're fortified!
New gallery! Wooo Hooo! Keep em coming!