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does anyone know if this building has been demolished ?? or if any of the other abandoned buildings on the pilgrim property have been demolished ?? im doing a school project about this place..
have you noticed that all of opacity's photo sets were taken in seems like every photo set was taken in 2005.....i quess opacity never takes any other pics in other years...2006/2007/2008>??
as anyone else noticed that opacity claims that this place was renovated or destoryed in 2002...and that opacity calims to have takent the pictures in 2005...
Ephemera: Dead Rollers
I Love urban exploring ...and problem is that if opacity is making up a FAKE name to a abandoned makes me wonder the other information on the webpage is accurate and updated information...or is some of the information on opacity a pseudonym to ? this book is a really cool idea....opacity rules
Ephemera: Dead Rollers
does it acutally same the REAL name of the abandoned hospital in the book..or does it lie like opacity and make up a fake name to the abandoned hospital ...can you really believe what opacity says when he lies and makes up fake names to abandoned hospitals???