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Been there about 7 times. Last time I went alone. I have some decent pictures and in the 7 times I only saw Police once and had three strange occurances.

One, on the right side of the children's building, someone snickered. It cam from above, it sounded very evil, and nothing else happened until we got in. When in the building, we heard the loudest crash, like someone kicking an old tin gas can above us. Then nothing for the rest of the time.

On another occasion, when invading the larger building, my friend and I amde it to the top where the gear system ran a "dumb elevator" system. We heard from several floors below and deep grunt.

I am not saying any of these wasn't a real person. But when you are there, there is an opression. The feeling that not enoguh good things happened there to offset the bad things. It feels as if you are being watched, and I am not talking about police.