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Absolutely beautiful.
Breathtakingly beautiful...
Before you go on, please read this. This is a warning to anyone who wants to visit Glenn Dale. I went up there last night with a friend to see the place. We had no intention of going inside, although I have to admit that because I was so drawn to the place, I really wanted to see the interior. So we drove past the main building toward Electric Avenue to see if we could get a better view of the other buildings (children's ward? Not sure). It was hard to see much anyway, since it was dark. Before we turned around, we decided to stop in the parking lot on Electric Ave. and relieve ourselves. Not even a minute later, a cop car showed up and we're playing 20 questions with the officer. He had suspicion that we were trying to sneak into the building (which we were not) and ended up fining us $50 each for being in the park/parking lot after hours. He also told us that we were lucky he didn't catch us near the buildings. If he had, he said, he would have taken us to jail and it would have gone down as a criminal offense, not to mention we would be paying thousands in fines. These guys do NOT mess around. This area is heavily patrolled. There is a trailer on the left across from the main building, which is used by cops to watch the premisis. I saw three police cruisers parked outside. I also saw where they have motion sensors set up. If you decide to go, be careful. If I got slapped with a fine for stopping 2 minutes to take a leak, imagine what will happen if you actually get caught inside the hopsital! Needless to say, I was disappointed because I had planned to take another trip in the daytime so I could see it better. Now I'm afraid to go back up there. Nevertheless, Glenn Dale Hospital is a beautiful building. The first sight of the place took my breath away, mainly because it's so big. I think it's safe to say I've fallen in love with the place, and wish there was some way I could see more of it. Again, use caution if/when you go there. You're definately taking a risk.