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Anyone seen the Celebrity Parnamoral Project on VH1? They explore many closed, old, haunted buildings. I'd love them to do a show at Glenn Dale and see if they could conjur up any spirits. Perhaps the Bowie Goat Man! =)
Good map of area and building info:
Another site with excellent photos: http://www.urbanatroph...ations/26/loc26.html
All - it seems the former resident entry was copied from another site. see http://forums.ghosttow...amp;page=3&pp=10 ) Here is another entry from him:

It seems that you were in A hosp where the children's ward was. Try anything in the nurses quarters its on B campus and the building with the arch walk way) particularly the wing on right side. I used to play in that wing as a child when the hosp was opened and had strange occurances. There are 2 unoccupied MD houses that had lights turn on/off. The first is seen from Glendale Rd. the second is actually a duplex and is closest in to B hosp The duplex on the left side would in the late spring/early summer in the evenings would have music playing. The 2 apt buidlings in the rear of B hosp campus are questionable. Also the baseball diamond, in the mid summer if you look towards the water tower just after sunset around 9-10p), you may see lights. When it rains in mid summer in the afternoon, there is flooding on the B campus along the utiliy rd that leads to the baseball field. After the rain there is waist deep pool of cool summer rain. If that happens, in the tree line along the road the property boarder) there is a path that becomes evident. If it is dry, the leaves of the bushes are too full to view it. The path only seems to be seen after a hvy rain