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I worked there and in the first place KPPC was an ADULT hospital. No one under 18 admitted. So yeah, its bullshit. And in the second place, hes trying to hard to make his typing look crazy.
I used to work there and this picture is of a day hall. Its the section the pt's used to watch tv.
Let this be a reminder to new moms. Have yourchild innoculated!!!!!!
i've noticed alot of people spouting out "this is sick", or "that is so disturbing i cant beleive things like that happened", yet your sitting here looking at pictures from someone who is "hunting" these things out...twisted? i think so
you people could just might be way off...
i would pay made bills for that chair
yeh i agree completely that is really disturbing in a creepy, mental, 'perfect for this website' kind of way
great pictures!!