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I remember back in '99 or so when my best friend first told me about that place and how eerie it was that the windows were painted black and had fake white "shade cords" on them. I was living up in Canada @ the time, and he had to take pics of the houses and send them to me
More like "Living DEAD Room" ;)

Funny tho, I have almost the same ugly plaid couch down in my basement!
Wonderful shot, with the striking contrast of red and yellow tones.
Which house was this in? My best friend and I went up there in June of 04 ( he lives about 15 mintues away from there) in the late afternoon. There were only 2 or 3 I believe and we saw a clawfoot tub on the 1st floor( took pics of it and us mugging around in/by it), but by that time, most of the floor was rotten and neither of us were suitably dressed for "suburban exploration".

Although somewhat small, they must have been nice and pictureque in their day. My friend said he thought they were company housing for Newark Watershed employees.

Once again, really evocative pic