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admission fees <>please< >...for ground work
did u call for maaaintenance
grew up in the city of mt.rainier md.bunker hill rd.the exercist rd.and have traveled the streets of glendale rd and lottsford rd.cry baby bridge and have heard babys cry from a near by creek and stood atop the bridge and the cry would stop.and also would drive with lights off to see horse and buggy spirits.this is where cry baby bridge got its name .becauce a vehicle driving aroun this curve and hit this horse and buggy which a baby was a passenger in the buggy and landed in the creek.and was never found.and that years have past since i have been back.late 70sand early a teen my in my 40s.its ok to explore just be careful and safe.because i just learned my teen age kids and there friends are now courious and may also see or hear the same things that i have heard.lets kreeeep ittt alive.