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Why did they carry the patients through these tunnels?
I am sooo addicted to this site now...Its interesting to learn about the other abandoned places too..
Noway...keep Isabeats!! haha....Yay we are all friends... lol
The point is Lynne...we are all reading your posts and we know that the staff isnt all to blame in some buildings. Ok? We get it...enough with the rants. We know about how you said the places are bad....and some places are good...thats what we are all saying. Every one of us is arguing over the same thing... We are all saying that this place was bad, and some places today are bad, But there are still wonderful people working in these places. We all agree with both sides...So therefore...Why are we fighting? It doesnt make sense. I think that we're wasting time, and fighting for no reason. So then, lets stop.
I think that we all have biased opinions being that you are currently a staff worker.. therefore you look more into the lives of the staff.

We are biased in the fact that since Jodi's uncle was in this hospital and beaten..then we feel that it was the government and the staff's fault.

Its obvious we arent going to see eye to eye on this matter...there are too many emotions involved.

I see where you are coming from..but I also stand firm in my opinion.

I dont want to keep coming on here and fighting...So I say lets agree to disagree...
I wonder...Is this how you treat your patients?
Honestly...dont give her the helmet...if she wants to bang her head let her. Why would you even keep reposting comments and rants like this when only a handful of people listen and you get upset at those who are just voicing their opinions and what they see? You are clearly a hipocrite...you think that you are always right because you work in a hospital nowadays..but not back then..and that you must let everyone know about how smart you are. I think you are childish because people voice what they see in these pictures...and then you yell at them and tell them your opinion. (which you obviously feel is full of facts and completely true) Maybe you should just let people think what they want to think, and ignore their comments huh?
Ok...So I want to start out by saying that my best friend's uncle was born in Pennhurst...and her grandma took him in when this place was shut down. He just passed away recently but there are many stories I have heard from her that her uncle has told her. I would like to first say to Lynne that you work in a hospital now..not back in the time of Pennhurst. Back then they didnt know about dissabilities and they didnt treat them like human beings in all cases. Sure some places did..but other didnt. You need to first put yourself back in these times and realize that they werent as educated as we are now today about people with dissabilities.

Secondly..I would like to let you know that her uncle (after being released from Pennhurst) didnt know how to read, write, walk, eat, or even go to the bathroom on his own. I can tell you honestly that he learned all of that from her grandmother when he was released. He informed us about how he was mistreated and abused. And was even put in a isolation room, sitting in his own waste, on a few occasions.

Up to the time of his death he was still afraid of people's touch. When a person came into their house that he didnt know..he would cowar and fall silent because of the tourture of Pennhurst.

I agree with you Lynne...In the sense that, yes, in these years people dont mistreat their patients. But I would like you to start thinking of what it was like then. You have stood on your soapbox and compared it to your experiences but what you must realize is that your experiences are not back in the times of Pennhurst.. when people were still ignorant to the disabled.

I know for a fact that people were abused here..from my friend's uncle. I wasnt entirely sure until now...but now i know.. and I thought that maybe someone should step up on their soapbox and try to enlighten you a little bit...