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Just went to Glendale Hospital tonight and it was a somewhat good experience up until the police were after us. I am the leader of a ghost hunting group in Virginia and we underwent an expedition to the hospital late in the PM. We investigated pretty much every building from the first one on top of the hill (In front of the new neighborhood) all the way to the the smokestacks. Served to be an interesting experience until, again, the cops were all over us.

First we heard dogs, police dogs in the distance. For anyone reading this, when you hear dogs that means leave. Next three to four cop cars came onto the property surrounding the building we were by, the smokestack building. We evaded them and made it to the second layer of pine trees. We stayed there for about 45 minutes. While we were trying to wait out the cops, a police helicopter came flying above the property. The police were searching the wrong side of the property because we now had run to the otherside closest to the neighborhood where we first entered. We were about to enter the neighborhood and drive away, but our cars were surrounded by cops. Eventually the cops drove away and set the trap. When we eventually made it back to our cars, the police were all over us before we could leave the neighborhood.

Based on our experience with the cops, they have K-9 units, nightvision goggles (which we saw and they can see you from 200 yards away. The police officer said they saw us when we first stepped onto the property), and motion sensors. We received our trespassing ticket/arrest whatever and will probably have to do some community service and pay a hefty fine. The police said they catch about 20-30 people a weekend so I would recommend not going there unless you want to get caught. They said the facilities are closed due to abestos.

They caught 7 people about an hour before they caught us.

The buildings had a lot of warm and cold spots. I took some interesting still picture and we have everything on camcorder. We still have to check the EVP, and we're hoping to get something on that. The smokestacks are still filled with human ash. Overall, a good experience minus the police. We all do not look forward to going to court in Maryland when we live in Virginia, and paying from what I've been reading about a $600 dollar fine.