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Even though it's just the jaw bone it looks like it's in prime condition. Usually stuff like this would be all broken up/missing teeth.
Damn in 42? Hell... I was a little surprised with the James guy from 1922.... but to be honest when I saw this crypt at first glance I thought like 1800s..... maybe earlier.
People can be dick heads :/ Nuff' said. I've gotten at some dipshits tipping/breaking grave stones to a freshly buried grave over once cause they thought they were "funny."
People who desecrate graves really give me the red ass :/ At least you're still living. Damn poor soul could have died before his time came.
A lot of the time, crypts and mausoleums were temporary until the family can find a proper burial site. Although in some cases the crypt IS the final resting place.
It reminds me of my cat and his own little collection of animal skeletons behind a bush. Ranges from a small field mouse to large ass grey squirrels.
In New England it's quite common to find grave yards/crypts in such conditions. Not far from where I live there is a cemetery that has been left to rot for sometime now. A chunk of the cemetery has collapsed into the stream bellow. Visiting it really gives you the gut feeling and of that of deep sorrow.
It's so resident evil. Too bad the out side was covered up. It would have been kinda neat to see light shine through.
That makes sense. Their uses started to dwindle. Even before hand they weren't meant to be used often.
Something seems kinda off about this hall....hmmmm... The contrast between light and dark is neat though...
This building is truly elegant. Most old buildings are. It's a shame that most of today's architecture dose not even compare. If anything I'd rather stay in a century old kirkbride as a pos to some institutional modern day block.
On the comment of it looking like a creepy old school.... yeah it kinda looks like my old middle school. Except it was brick.... but still >>;;;;