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Went there yesterday and yes, there was an old man (50's) in a Silver Vauxhall patrolling the outer perimeter. Me and my wife hadn't even got out of the car before he pulled up beside us and told / asked us to leave. This was at the main enterence (the new hospital - next to cricket grounds). We left and drove all the way around and got as close as we could to the back enterence. (using google maps on our phones) we found the old road that used to run right up to the rear enterence gates (the gates on the bridge), but this road is now completely blocked of from the main road. We left the car and trecked across a large open field until we found a gap onto old overgrown road and soon found ourselves faced with the gates (anti climb paint coated), we stood around for a few moments whilst trying to figure out our next move and we noticed a motion detector screwed fairly high up on the truck of a huge oak tree, facing down at the outside of the gates. My wife started freaking out at this point and wanted to leave - I plan on going back later this week (alone - during the day). I just thought I would share my intel so far.
really wish i lived in america, to see these lovley places, me and my brothers do the same sort of thing as motts but here in the uk, but theres nothing really left here now. these old buildings should be saved, all the history is being knocked down eveywhere,
I could think of worse things. :)
Coolest Place in MASS
Don't you ever wonder what these places smell like?
You can almost picture the staff wrestling patients into their rooms with beds all throughout the corridor.
I agree with Bob. All this mold and lead based paint...
Just goes to show how good stainless steel is.
Tiles have held up well. I also like the electrical job of the powerpoints... I wonder what that black thing is.
get rid of all thos boats edets
fyi-it was kennedy that started de-institutionalization.
Even artificial babies deserve to be treated with respect. I am apalled...
Such an amazing structure. Too bad it had to get destroyed. But I will never forget this building.
This is a great picture of the hospital, and guess what, avalon bay does not care!

(avalon bay is destroying the hospital)