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Looks like a picture taken in the dark, with night-vision goggles, only much sharper. Sweet!
The first part doesn't make sense to me, but the other word means "to dismantle"

It's not "golds" anyway, since gold is an uncount noun.
Do not enter - life-threatening
The name of the gallery...
It should read "Terrain millitaire" not millitarie...
Mind you, it is correct in the picture, only the title is wrong.
No, it is not correct... it's LES corps, making it plural... I'm a French speaking professionnal editor and translator, I should know, hm?
If you say "Ici repose les corps", then you need to write "Ici reposent les corps", so that the verb agrees with the subject. But if you want it just as it was on the tomb, then take of the "s" on "les".
i remember it in its hay day. i did my nurse training there.