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My aunt and uncle had a bumper pool table, it was a hexagon shape and it kept us kids busy while the adults talked.
OOPS I forgot to go to the picture: http://www.sci-le-pin....ntalInformation.html . I always thought they lived in a farmhouse when they spent time there, never did I think it was that grand. I want to cry seeing this chateau falling to the ground.
WHEEEE!! My kids would love that, they'd have to get in line.
This reminds me of a picture I saw of my cousins' property in France. ( There are figures writing on a scroll. I was told as a kid there was a bottomlesss pit there as well and I believed it!
Loved the UK sets, can't wait to see Belgium and Germany. I agree with Barbara Japan has some beautiful sites. I saw a statue of Buddah that was 1000 years old there, it was carved out of wood!

You would love Australia, my husband says Tasmania is beautiful. The Outback is fascinating.
Life revolves around forms in hospitals. There seems to be a form for anything and everything. Some of the forms I have dealt with were signed by a doctor in pencil! One would think that they would know that they have to sign in pen.
Reminds me of the time they showed a rugby league player having a cut on his head stapled shut and the stapler got jammed.
Well at least they found a use for them. There is a saying "He/she was legless" - drunk, full as a fairies phonebook.
13 seems appropriate for a bio hazard number.
You would be suprised what some people will swallow or fall in, I can remember a case here in Australia that a guy working on a farm fell in a tub of cattle or sheep dip and he hed to be buried in a special bio - hazard container. Another bloke had such high toxin levels that he was buried in a similar container and his mother was upset because she couldn't see him.
I can only say if all grafitti looked like that the world wouldnt be such a bad place. I love the chair, you could put a cushion on it to make it more comfortable.
Looks like something out of a dream.
I can picture myself sliding down that bannister!
My grandmother had a pet raccoonn, it used to lie around her neck and look like a fur stoal.
My grandmother taught me that age is a state of mind. She was rafting down the Orinoco (sp?) River into the Amazon forest at 93. She also taught me to admire old abandon places. Her father used to go into the tombs in the Valley of the Kings to paint what he saw on the walls there. That was before cameras. If you would like to see his paintings I am sure there are many in the Boston Museum of Art, if not look his name up - Joseph Lindon Smith. You take after him Motts! Keep it up I love the pics.