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Thank-you, thank-you Lynn. Some one finally gets it. I'd almost given up hope. Your last comment scares me though.
Then why when somebody who does have first hand knowlege of what it was like there is so easily dismissed? Suffer the children ....right away in the beginning you are subtly mislead into believing that 2000+ "children" resided there. When I hear that I immediately have a picture of little kids running around.
Yeah they were somebodies children even though they were adults but the statement is misleading none the less.
Dude you are putting way too much thought into a joke. It's been awhile but probably the alligators were our idiot instructors and after enduring a week or two of "warm fuzzies" we felt like they were trying to eat us alive with too much positivity. That's all. Haven't got a clue as to who came up with the title. Probably felt like it made no sense like the stupid class. Hope I spel.led everything correctly