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My dad went through basic training at USNTC Bainbridge during World War II. Thanks Motts
Outstanding gallery sir.
Moon Shadow is Yusef Islam, then known as Cat Stevens
Oh Lynne don't be modest. You are Risk Management Royalty
The sicko is probably between 18 and 25. He's probably white. Underachiever, willing to call atention to himself by doing crazy stuff. A fan of Death metal. Anything else? Unless you mean the picture then I'd add, is probably a fan of the art of Robert Steadman,

Or he's just a dick.
It was probably there to plug the the inflatable jesus christmas ornament into you sillies.
I'm an incurable smart ass.
Danvers Stae when it opened was a showcase. It had gardens you'd see proudly kept in European villas. The architecture was new, fresh, and maintained. For many years outdoor work and much indoor work was done by trustee patients. It was a self supporting community. We had a farm, dairy herd, and piggery all on grounds. There was a power house (which is still active) and a train station, Asylum Station. When it got to the point the state had to pay the patients the farms and such became a luxury, and couldn't be run efficiently enough to sustain the hospitals needs. This didn't happen until the 1960's. It was at the time considered excellent vocational therapy.
Well Danvers had the nickname of the Hathorn Hilton, later the Waldorf Hysteria.
I'm waiting for the giant graffiti to start. Then you'll hear about some redneck falling off in an attempt to preserve his sister/wife's honor.
Danvers state was not a penitentiary, nor did we use torches we had electricity.
As grafitti The dick show little imagination or talent. May I suggest to you Michaelangelo's Adam on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Now that was a dick
You don't actually pee into the tube. You pee into the cup. With a great deal of care, to avoid spillage, it is poured from the cup, into the tube. The tube is put into a centrifuge, spun down, the majority of the pee is poured off. The lab tech then pours a wee sample of the sludge at the bottom and looks at it under a microscope.
I drove past it on my way to work a couple of mornings ago. It was foggy as hell. You could barely make out a mass on top of the hill. I remembered the many times I came out of the Bonner building, and seen the Kirkbride enveloped in fog. It's about 100 yards and you could barely see the building, the fog was so thick. I remember the feeling of the Kirkbride looming in the fog, barely contained menace, radiating from it. Then I catch myself and think that's a ridiculous way to think about it. Next foggy morning, it would happen all over again. On foggy nights the place was just that more spooky looking. The glow of the various lights that still burnt in the building. It was a scene out of a Lovecraft novel. But inside the Kirkbride, the place was just as normal a place as any other place of employment. None of the dread feelings you'd get from the outside.
After climbing about in ruins, and the detritus of decay, touring this pristine environment must have been a real pleasure. This is one of the best galleries you've ever done.