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My friends had told me about Glenn Dale many times. They said they heard ghosts and saw things, but I didn't believe them. They took me their last week on Saturday night. We had flashlights, cameras, cellphones, and masks for our faces. We started in the children's hospital building. The minute we walked into the main building, something crashed down the open elevator shaft. Something big and loud. We broke off into two groups, one taking each long hallway. We started walking around and I kept trying to take some pictures and all of a sudden my camera died, even though I had charged it that day. I had taken only one picture. I went to go put it in my back pocket and it was grabbed from my hand and flew halfway down the hallway to the right. My friend tried to call our other friends but his cell phone was dead. I tried mine, it was dead, my other friend's phone was dead as well. We ran out and waited in the side parking lot. We all finally joined up again. Our phones were all working. The other group didn't experience anything like we did so they wanted to go to the adult building across the street. They all heard that the morgue was in the lower level and wanted to check it out.
When we got in, we passed a check in desk, and an old light started swaying and then crashed down. We blamed it on wind, even though no one else felt a breeze and went down to the lower levels. On level was a huge open area. We went down a little hallway. We came across two big metal doors, we tried to open them to see if they lead to anything but they were locked tight. We walked by them and were in another big open room full of graffiti (lots of gang markings too). We could hear doors slamming above us and all around us and decided to turn back. When we did, we noticed the two big doors were open. Both doors open wide. We looked in and the two rooms were big metal rooms with racks...big enough to hold bodies (??) We ran out of the room to the stairs. When we reached the stairs everyone's phone started ringing at once and our flashlights started to flicker. The phones all rang one time and then stopped and didn't show a missed call, but we all heard them. We ran back up to the floor level and got out of the building.
Once we were out it got worse. Two cop cars were outside and they spotted us with night vision coming out of the adult building. The cops said they'd been checking out both buildings (Children's and Adults') because motion sensors had been set off. We told them everything that happened and they laughed and said there were no ghosts, and that neither of them had ever seen anything while they patrol this area for trespassers. We were charged with misdemenors for trespassing. Had some fines to pay.
I still have my broken camera and have since changed the ring tone on my phone.