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I agree. The clothing in the "ghost" shows the now period. Someone must have moved really quick in the shot.
A picture that definitely pulls in your full attention and gives a longing invitation for you to come in and explore her wonders. One of the best photos I, myself, have ever seen.
I grew up in the boro, the graveyards for these guys were right down the street. one night my friends and I got inside, and one of my friends went ahead and crept into one of the...trays...we ran out screaming. also thought we heard some things rustling around. as mentioned before, the security sux.
ladyhawke04008, why would you need to rake snow off a roof? When it melts it'll just run off and before that it'll provide extra insulation, no?
This building looks the the building in THE MOVIE RED ROSE!!!!!!!
This place was used for another research . people were maybe experimented on.
The building is beautiful and scary. It would be nice if they could fix it up. Better still maybe a good scary movie!!!!!!!!
This picture reminds me of the the house in REDROSE!!!!!!!!!
We rode by that hospital it is so scary looking .But it is very interesting. It is like the hospital draws you to it. But I will never go in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!