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branches growing symmetrical indicates that this plant is in a vegitative groth stage

Signed: An American Stoner Stationed in Va
wonder whats on the other side
thank you erica, you are most helpful
would love to smoke a fatty in here
is waiting for an explaniation
No Doubt
motts has got the money and the powder
the power of christ compells you
glass, cash, or ass nobody rides for free
baby steps
good thing this building isnt in the US, it would be filled up with crack heads and whinos, love the beautiful shot. Email me if you want to go to the henryton sanitarium in MD the place is sick
Subfuscawhat in english please, sorry i dont speak spanish

signed : an American stoner stationed in Va
is that a soap dispencer on the wall
nice shot motts, wallpaper please you had me at up High

signed: an American stoner stationed in Va
looks like a good fishin spot