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Your Photography skills and your explorations are superp.
But please, just share them in hi res and don't put watermarks.
I don't think it's a solution If someone is going to use your work without permission. It's just messing up the images.

Thanks for what you are doing.
That looks like the spot for the recently Newly build Fieldstone.. I went to Fieldstone .. ITS A BEAUTIFUL school.. the first year it opened was terriable.. the students in 9th grade were mad that they would not go directly into the High School causing many problems after that everything is fine.. The school itself is Beautiful letchworth buildings INSIDE the school the stone walls mixing with the new modern drywall Amazing!
you're an idiot. why the hell do you need to steal from an abandoned hospital. what are you going to do with the trays? nothing. so leave it there for other explorers to see. don't ruin it for everyone.