Yes, precious.
So flimsy weedy wispy the delicate foilage and then the hard pointed smooth strong obelisk:
becomes a favorite picture.
Yup, even though the area was far away enough from Philadelphia to be in a different town, the city expanded so much over the years that it eventually encompassed Kingseeing Township and built homes up all around the cemetery.
I hope they save it too; I've only been to DeJarnette once, so unfortunately I don't have any more photos, but I'm sure there are plenty more on other exploration sites.
No, "Lectern"
hey guys decay you way put up another video
I used to live outside of Hayes KS.. They would take old limestone buildings, barns and houses, gut them, save what they could from the inside. Then carefully take them apart numbering the stones as they went. Then move them and put them back together like a jigsaw puzzle. If they can do that then this building could be saved if someone wanted to bad enough.
Oh! Want to slide down the banister!
Oh thats the movie What Ever Happened to Baby Jane. With Betty Davis and Joan Crawford.
Chair makes me think of Movie What Ever Happened to Baby Jane. Thanks Mott for the gallery.
Concur with Freespirt76. Well not about the broken record part.
MMM like nitrous.
With eldo and Iceburg on the chair.
Wallpaper Please!
Zombies don't care about botulism or pathogens. MMMM Can you imangine zombies with a coffee rush?
You do know your dating yourself if you remember fallout shelter signs? Lol I remember them too.