Up the down staircase. Really cool photo
Very interesting photo.
We visited this site yesterday. It has changed a lot. We took some pictures, you can view them on my Facebook, along with some other places we've explored. Look in the urban decay album.
Lots of navels to me
I did get a mattress adv. lol, and it definitely looks like stuffing for the turkey with a little celery :)
Do you smoke Mr. Motts?
Wow I love that wallpaper.
The Old Mimi,Golf Corse Land there Ive Played Mimi Golf there whenI Was At Yorkwoods Center.
*"Dam That Last Dorme That I Was In On Unit 1-B. Dorme #,6 M Own Priveit Dorme BeDroom Eh? In The Spring Feb,Of 1971 Just 4 Months Before I Graduated From Yorkwood In June Of 1971
Yes That's The Gym & Play Stage There At Yorkwoods Center We Played Doudge Ball & Volly,Ball There A lot By Not Very Much Stage Play Shows tho Again "Kevin The yorkwoods center Boy!!. (Mr. John,Kevin,Beaver) From Mr. John Melay's Class Of 1971. At Yorkwoods Center
*Well The Yorkwoods Center Built All By Its Self Just Up Platt Road In Dec of 1967 Between Willis & Beamis Roads Just About 1/3 Of A Mile Up Platt Road From The Yesp,State Hospital & Still Yet Apart Of Yesp,State Hospital Campis & I Was Placed Out In June Of 1970 On Unit 1,B. Until June Of 1971 With 10 & 11 & 12 Year Old Autistic Boys & The The School Fineley Closed By The Fed's All Because Child Abuse of Autistic Boys In 1984 & In 2002 They Finely Tore Down Both The Yespilanti State Hospital & As Well As "YorkwoodsCenter Building too also & I Still Have Peace of Asfalt Parking Lot + About 5 Of O.T. Projics That In O.T. Art Class Out Thheir My Hercrux'es But Still All Of Harry Potter's Books & Movies Of Him With Harry potter's Hogwartz Magic Boarding School Of Witch Craft & Wizardty & Yorkwood's Center's Spirit Living Hercrux. The Mrs. J.K. Rolling Or Even I Cant Or No Cant Ever Kill Of Ever Disstroey Ever Again Kevin The Old Yorkwoods. Center. Boy On Unit 1-B. Class Of 1971:
I laughed out loud because at first I thought it was a stuffed vulture that somehow got left there. Then I read that it was real and though Holy Cow! Yeah, I definitely would have left it alone too!
Glad I don't have the "pleasure" of knowing what rotting flesh smells like, lol
Yeah, this is actually pretty cool
Yep, definitely just lost my appetite, lol