Here get this zoo feeling again.....
- they looked like this back in the days (sixty years ago)
- wet floor and all....
it could not possible be a mirror - that would be crazy???
Is it called sheet metal? Shower in a fenced inclosure.
Yes Darlene; What.A.Mess. doing to All living being there......
Yeah massive rust rust rust galore - painted iron - was it cleaned by hosing?
Am thinking about the brain that drew/designed this cell;
the architect behind all...
Those are wonderful three little hooks - so functional so practical.
Safety toothbrush...too short to stab someone lethally with or to do self-harm by swallowing it. They have ones now that are just bristles on a plastic cylinder that fits on the end of your finger.
Somewhat like a psych mattress...sealed edges, no zippers, can't hide stuff in them. The covers are a thick plastic where now there are lighter, impervious fabrics they can use. These were for durability not not comfort.
You can still purchase this style of bed for use in current facilities.
Ms. Bland was pulled over for having a light out. She became uncooperative so was jailed. She died in the jail. Anyway, these were probably beds in a ward although sometimes they used bunk beds. Prisoners that had achieved a less restrictive level were allowed to live in wards, which felt a little less like actual prison.
Eldo is never over the line because he keeps drawing new ones...his first name is Hannibal...Hi Eldokid...long time no see!
Did you take the jocco animatronic down of was it already there and stuck to the floor
This is a central location in the Netflix series "Sense 8" episode 1. I recognized it from a documentary series on abandoned places in the USA. Amazing ambiance. Great photos.
I'd love to read some of the paper work. Especially the older ones. And if you are arrested and in jail it is public record. You can do a search and find out anything about a person's background including any tickets or jail time.