Jan Pinkowitz, no apologies necessary. I just can't believe that we as kids had to endure such horrible treatment. I don't know how the Dept of Mental Health sleeps at night, I am sure if this was one of their kids, they would never have put them there, it was jail with physical, verbal,mental & sometimes sexual abuse. Not to mention the drugging that us kids got. They drugged us to keep us calm, I was so scared there, all I did was be calm and shut my mouth and do what I was told cause they for sure instilled the fear in me. My staff members on Ward D were, Jack,he was such an Ahole,Melody with the hook hand,she was so mean to all of us, she would swing her arm/hand hook at us like to scare us and verbally abuse us, Harvey, who just loved to egg us kids on to be secluded, thrown to the floor and then thrown in the seclusion room,he almost kid my boyfriend there,he beat him so badly that Willy the staff member who was actually nice to us kids called his parents and told them what happened and said come get him, so they came and got him, had to go to court and Harvey got into trouble,I am not sure what kind of trouble,but,he made it out that the kid he beat was being out of control, my boyfriend was sleeping at the time, he woke him up out of a sleep for the fun of it. Suzanne was the other staff member who was really nice,her and Willy were a couple, we called Willy Pickle,they truly cared about us kids. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of great memories there, I met the bestfriends in the world,and I still talk to a handful of them, and I see a couple of them. I am glad that closed that place down in 1992,but,not happy that they tore the building down, Boiler and I went in there together a few times before it was taken apart and torn down, my husband and I went in there all the time since I live in Waltham, it was just so nice that I could come and go as I pleased and didn't get locked in the building,a bedroom, the shower room or the Ward. It was freedom, and I was just so happy to say FU I made it out of here and you didn't break me. I wish the City of Waltham would have done something good out of that building for troubled kids, like a day center place and have children that were actually there be staff members, cause I honestly believe that us children can really only understand what a troubled child goes through, no drugs, no locked doors, just a center to help kids and make them see and understand that they are not bad. But, the building was just incased in so much Asbestos that they felt it was cheaper to tear it down, now there is nothing there but, the water tower, it looks strange. I often walk through the woods, go to Rock Meadow where the swing set still is and swing on the swings with my youngest daughter and husband,it's just so surreal...Thank you for saying you hope things improve for me, sadly,I have to say they won't, but, I am not dwelling on it, I just thank god for everyday they let my daughter's wake up and let me share another day with them and let me husband wake up so he can aggravate me another day lol he is the best, and I am very fortunate to have him all these years. Thank you for your prayers, I can never have enough of them.....xxxxxx.....
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Wished I could have found this! Thanks for the gallery. Wonderful shots. Lots of memories.
Beg to differ with you Bill Many. These are actually 1, 3 and 5 dorms and the view is from the general pop side 2, 4 and 6. The bldg behind 5 dorm is on the Hill. Also this is not the yard but the area that kept gen pop from the pc dorms. The yard was in front of 2 dorm and behind 6 dorm with rec areas between 2 & 4 and 4 & 6.
These gates were added when the blocks were changed to lockdown blocks. When they were open population the space between the cell front and the wall were not enclosed.
Just a survival note: you don't sleep with your head towards the bars. If the toilet bothers you make a cover with newspaper and tape or whatever is available.
The stainless steel combo is a new addition. Sometime after 1983. And the radiators on the walls were hot enough to grill cheese, keep coffee warm and melt faces. If you desired privacy you put up a sheet.
It's the door to the rec yard and walkway
And Michael how is it that you remember the 1983 riot and the count of officers injured? One of the officers injured in that incident was named Michael and he left soon after. If by some off chance that was you I offer my belated apologies. It wasn't personal.
Not a lot of toothbrushes sharpened here. Real steel and very inventive prisoners... MacGyver's. Every unsecured piece of steel, hard plastic or wood that had potential was utilized. LMSF cell blocks were small. Perhaps 25 cells per tier, single cell, 2 tiers per side.
No going to the the outside world here. This was the entrance to the Hill. Elle oh Elle hopefully your uncle did not stay here long because LMSF was mind numbing.
Kaibil and Bill Many are right on point. This gate actually leads to the Hill or Medium Security facility. This was the Hole.
This was the walkway to the chow hall that also doubled as the visiting hall and movie theater. As intriguing as it looks it presented a gaunlet of blind spots from which an attacker could pounce.
In the early 80's the DC DOC obtained file cabinets from the State Department that were filled with top secret documents. They sat on the floor of the Butler Bldg. for at least months before govt. agents locked down the facility in an effort to recover the documents.