Where is its exacetely?
I'd like to know the faces and the names, but I don't think you need to know them to see the beauty :)
So pretty :)
Pretty. I'd hate to climb all that way just to graffiti my name
Does that say "NIGHTCORE"? I love nightcore :) And I'd like to see the chandelier
Pretty, but could do without the graffiti
Creepy, but cool
Nice-looking stairs. Yay doggie :)
@LucieLou I agree :) It is really pretty
*whispers* Jump down the hole Motts
Haha just imagine Austria from Hetalia playing that piano
I wish it was still in use. It looks like it would be beautiful :(
@Binky Yes I think it is
and this seem to be the only loction space WITH floor boards,
- as everywhere /else seen/ looks like the concrete crude, raw rough style look.
A place with a different interior finish.
Yes, Binky, - concur, me too. Confused.
It is the same project + color-scheme everywhere - and the paint is not peeling...