Thanks again Mr. Motts
Looks like it was done with gold leaf
Curious about the thingies on either side of the ceiling, not lights, and not symmetrical. The marking in the center of the ceiling does look like it was a light fixture though.
Thank you for such beautiful photos.
Beautiful designs even on the floor. Lovely wooden pews, probably hardwood. Beyond belief that this was all put in landfill. Thanks for another great gallery Mr. Motts and especially for sharing this one with us. People should be informed of some of the waste - i.e. that gorgeous places like this one, without much damage, end up as rubble in a landfill.
So well done they look life like!!!
Toot is right - just stunning. And no damage at all, nice bright colours, no chips or peeling. How could they put this in a landfill??
I love the coloured glass part around the big round window, and the space, and the pews, and the human figures to the left and right of the big round window!! This is in such good condition that it is an absolute shame that it was all destroyed.
Wow, fantastic photo!! I love how the light streams in through the cross windows, and the old rough stone walls - beautiful!!
I agree, tony c.
The ceiling lights and the tops of the pillars are quite fancy, and lovely.
I agree with everyone - the lion's eyebrows show a worried expression.
A lot of it is barely damaged. How awful that it couldn't have been relocated and reused - even if in pieces carefully dismantled.
Wow, gorgeous tile!!!!
My lucky day - another gallery - yea! Such gorgeous tile and marble etc. and lovely wooden pews. I agree with all the comments made before me - such a travesty to put all of this in a landfill!!