looks like a radar reciever.
Also the last coal fired boat.
This was the last steam fireboat in the F.D.N.Y
This was a mine sweeper, thus the wooden hull. A steel hull would attract magnetic mines.
Eldokid, hope you are recovering comfortably, I had shoulder surgery two weeks ago and I'm still howling! Owwwwwwww...
Another great gallery, thank you!
Thanks for posting these abandoned places photos.
Donna, you can check out the NYS Office of Mental Health website in regards to obtaining patient records:
My grandparents lived near the park. I have a faint memory of my uncle bringing my cousins and I to the park when we were young. I remember being in awe of this beautiful chapel (it was abandoned) and I wanted to see inside so bad but of course my uncle wouldn't allow five kiddos to go exploring the crumbling chapel. Little did I know, this is what sparked my love for urban exploration. Recently, my mother and I visited the park to see if it was still there. It makes my heart ache that this beautiful church was demolished. Discovering this website and these pictures has been a blessing. Thank you so much for sharing.
Poor table
Probably was cooler than my school
What for?