...and the DOORS: TWO Hinges!
Blind in the hallway.
yes, they are, autoguy; cool..+ ..fixable.
How old are they? 100 years? is one of those CVH blinds! They are durable and seem to last long.
Handsome window.....and a blind still there.
Why a blind in a hallway?
I remember seeing the brewery from a distance back in the 80's and thinking it was quite impressive. Thanks for the pics!
pumpkinprincess1979 the next photo shows a different view of "the man" lol
good eye pumpkinprincess1979
.....please EXIT to The Right....yes, thru door with THREE Hinges...
and all the light-switches in the Hall.....
so no control over dark or light in the room, then.......
rust never sleeps
...that window...awesomely handsome really, and the pulldown blind is still there, with the little ring on the string...amazing..honestly
i love it.
Wow ... so many names that I remember! I attended Salesian Jr. Seminary from Sept '65 to end Dec '67 [left in middle of junior year].
Paul Z, remember you in study hall making pictures by putting dots on paper! Played guitar in band with Geraldo Martinez. Played football with Mike DeMeo ... it all just goes on and on! I'm at if anyone wants to contact me.
they actually use to put patients in them
Also you can contact me on or on Twitter @M4TTLOCKETT if you would like to answer my question, thanks again
Huge fan of your pictures. I am doing A level photography and I was wondering if it would be ok to do some analyses of some of your pictures. Full credit would be given to you. Thank you
Tony - We can just call that an organic TV antenna. :)