Is dit nog steeds toegangkelijk of al platgesmeten?
Let me know!
Where exactly is this crypt located (State & City)??
Looks like the hallway to heaven
What a great piece of history for a display room.
Probably used for Competency Hearings as transporting some patients would not be safe.
What a waste of a perfectly beautiful venue.
It looks like a multi-purpose kind of room. Not just a chapel, but a lecture hall, movie theatre, etc..
It's a safety cage for a radiant heating system. This is where a central unit would be mounted and the radiators were to either side.

I've seen this kind of arrangement in a school.
I wood love to be put in a padded room and in a strat jacket I am into bondage and mite have bin into it sinst grade school

ps if you know whar I can find one in Wichita ples email me at
It is sphyrometry?
That fear is always there. And times haven't changed that much. Things are done differently now but the treatments are the same. I know people that are being drugged to a point that they can't do anything just because it's easier for the staff. It is happening still today. Thank god so.e af the abuse has diminished some and long time consequences like 24 hour timeouts have been stopped.
After doing some filtering with this picture, it seems that that image on the left in the first window looks like a young boy. Very interesting....
Neat & clean
I was disappointingly clean exiting this place; but squirming through piles of garbage to get into the theater next door made up for that!
That's a pretty great color name!