I have two of these available.
I know the Bryce Hospital is being renovated, but the old Jemison Center is abandoned. My question is, do they let lagit paranormal investigators in?
Lonely chair? check
Hair dryer? check
Sink? check

wait for it...

Soap dispenser?
Spinal Tap drummer?
Hello Mr. Motts. Your photos are really amazing....but Im not sure if you know in the true way. touched a lot of people and brought back fond memories of the times ... back in their YesterYears that they had been there. The reason I say this is you only briefly note that ...unlike most abandoned parks...this one has an after life. Yes...Fortunately the original park owners were able to save many of its features from the park and relocate them to their farm...and refurbished them for past and future kids to enjoy.

If you Google the park name "the enchanted forest Elicott City, MD" you will find many articles about this.

Two of note are
From the farm owners itself:


(Be sure to check out the "gallery of Enchanted Forest photos" at the bottom of the page.)

And this one.


(this one notes that the Gingerbread house was saved...but this is not so) if you're in Maryland - Elicott City....You can still see some of your fond memories. ....They just celebrated their 60th birthday.


Bottomline Mr Motts...I wanted you to know many people are thanking you for bringing back these memories.
I don't how they let you in there but I would love to go take some pictures of my own in there only if I could get in legally of course.
Any ideas on what this may be? I can't seem to find it and would like to learn more about it. Thanks!
Yes, Grumpy Ole Artist, I have had "Home By the Sea" by Genesis going through my head many times while looking through these galleries. Plus a few times doing my own exploration. Of course I am a long way away from a sea...
Thanks Pookie. I was actually at this place There was the original hospital in back of this building and that is where the Children's Shelter was. We ate and bathed in this hospital building. I tell some of the story in that thread.
I worked at Fernald and periferally at Met State and when I'm on the grounds I think about all the misery with small oasises of compassion.
Hello, I am interested in some more Pictures of this ceiling, I am a plasterer from Germany an I have a client that like the Decor and would like that i copy it. My adress my homepage Thanks a lot for an answer, best regard Sebastian
I usually do not don these items unless I start crawling around particularly nasty places, such as steam tunnels, sewers or bell towers. 95% of the time, these kinds of places are just dusty.
This main building burned down some time ago, but I'm really not sure what's going on with the property these days.
Hi Charlene, thanks I'm glad you enjoyed them! All of my older photos are still here, just in other galleries under the main NSH page: (scroll down and they are under the historic images)
Flushed, I am so sorry they deleted your comments and memories, and I don't believe for one minute that your stories weren't true, people just seem to find it really hard to believe that things like this went on behind closed locked doors, that place was worse then jail. OMG!!!! just makes me so angry that someone who doesn't even know you or us could be so mean and nasty....I pray people like that,never have to experience what we did and I pray if they have kids that they don't ever do to them what our parents and the dept of mental health did to us.....