Wow, seems like they didn't even try to straighten anything up before turning the lights off for the last time. Like they got out in a hurry for some reason.

I love that colorful map!
Wow, that looks like an old bicycle, 70's or 80's?
Are those radiators boxes attached to the walls?

Hanging soap dispensers, lol
Serious water damage from the ceiling caving in.
The lone piano shot, lol.

The curtains on the left look like they were made of a sparkly or metallic material. Interesting.
Lol, guess I spoke too soon. This place definitely needed quite bit more than a coat of paint.
Wow, what a space! Looks like a few coats of paint, some sweeping and back in business! Again, sad this is all gone now
That is strange-I've never seen that type of door before either. Wonder why it was made like that?

What's up with the piles of clothes? It's like everyone just got out and left everything behind.
So sad this is all gone now
Yeah, I hate that! So many beautiful old buildings full of beauty and history lost to these losers.
There seemed to be a dedicated interest in saving the building, but I suppose arsonists just got to it before things could start moving towards securing the place and attempting preservation.
Yay new gallery and first comment!

It's actually thundering out right now where I am, lol. But I agree, makes it so much creepier, to me anyways.

Sad they couldn't have saved this and rehashed it. Do you know any reasons it couldn't have been saved, Motts?
Thank you Celeste, for all those links, as I enjoyed them a lot. wanderer, LPN & Stax, loved reading your updated posts on "the old gal", please keep them coming. To our dear Mica, your posts always make me smile, thank you.
Looking at their faces, I hope they found some shred of happiness at some point in their lives. Someone to care about them. I cry for them all.
These could be refurbished and used right here in the U.S. by people who can't even afford to feed themselves. More waste. How sad.