Thanks so much for another wonderful gallery and Merry Christmas Mr. Motts.
Great panorama shot.
Is that a fence or bars on the windows? I thought it was bars, which made the baby cherries growing outside kind of sad.
10,000 photos posted - what an accomplishment. Congratulations Mr. Motts. You have a talented eye for unique photos.
Colorless - perfect title, Mr. Motts.
Colorless - perfect title Mr. Motts.
Op art.
Why is it that mattresses then had handles, and nowadays they don't even though beds are bigger and heavier?
You're right Mr. Motts, the HVAC is ugly.
I'm amazed that unsupported column is still standing.
Lovely photo, lovely road. Romantic. What luck to find another new gallery.
The infrared and especially this shot makes the building look softer and much less eerie. Thanks so much for another gallery Mr. Motts.
That really is creepy. I'm amazed Mr. Clemens didn't go mad.
The tree looks snowy.
What ruin.