In my experience one always leave thinking one is coming back when places like this are closed.
Clever pigeons!
How DO they find these places?
Expert proficient searchers win
It really was a very cool look indeed
Yup - incredible indeed. Whenever i want a real crack-up stomach-heaving good tearing laugh i go here......
or to "Stampede" at Verden. It always works! Just done Am still gasping
Mr. Motts FTW forever Thanks forever
It is not bad, two-toned Caribbean over/under-water colors. Has certain monotonus repetitious charm with a radiator under each and every window, except one! makes it interesting.
It is so good you took pictures. It is an important deed. Well done, dear Mr. M. Thank you.
Gone forever 2014 - demolished and razed.
It looks to me like it would be valve (vacuum tube) powered, beautiful.
Very masterful use of flash lighting there! I love it.
Both of my parents worked there for many years , I have been inside and saw the isolation rooms where they tie the patients to the beds, to the patient smoking porch, the game room with the pool tables, the scary tunnels from one building to the others way over to the other side of the road, oh yay don't forget sliding down squirrel hill, as a kid we called it squirrel hill where all the nuts are. My sisters worked there for a short time also.
Perhaps behind "de-institutionalization" was the sound of lip licking of so -called real estate "developers".
Go there at Sunset!
Its from the mysterious quality of abandonment that I think inspired some film makers to make movies of ghosts in abandoned asylums and schools, etc. Their very creepy.
Good work. Very interesting. YouTube has videos of "Urban exorations" of abandoned homes, hotels, old mansions, etc. Very, very interesting. Good work!
I bet some people bonked heads a time or two, when the tried to look in at the same time, ouch! But it makes a cool pic -Robert B.
State run. a lot of tax money went into this stuff, that we let happen. They punched out and left, (A MESS). And just think some of these people still live after the torcher they performed.